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For all the ladies who aspire to become a full stack JS developer.


For all the ladies who aspire to become a full stack JS developer.

code like her

Fellowship in Nepal-2020

Code like her is a collaborative initiation of Code Rush and Kina. 

Code Rush is a software company that aspires to generate technically sound girls through self-sustaining training programs. is a non profit with a singular purpose – Keeping Girls in School.  Kina social venture was founded in 2002 when the first child was provided educational support to stay in school in rural Nepal. 

Our Goal

The goal of code like her is to provide an intensive 6-month training program in advanced web/cloud-based software development skills, for 12 students. The strategy is to establish the capability in a sustainable fashion to create ongoing opportunities for young women in Nepal. With the goal that they can take part in the global information technology community – providing exciting career opportunities that are normally out of reach for women in Nepal.

Application deadline: 15th february, 2020



A six-month-long  fellowship to forge technically sound girls through self-sustaining training programs

Code Like Her is a six-month-long fellowship designed for passionate and enthusiastic female tech students or fresh graduates seeking a career in Full-stack development. It is designed to encourage highly curious and willing candidates,  by equipping them with cutting-edge technical skills and immersing them in the industry culture. 

The fellowship is divided into two modules, split into the time frame of three months each. The first module includes intense training starting from scratch and in the second module projects are assigned to all candidates to implement the knowledge practically. 

The fellowship includes proper certification, graduation ceremony, and placement opportunities*. 

Fellowship benefits

  • Tuition-Free program with intense industry-based training.  
  • Proper guidance and mentorship from leading tech experts.
  • Exposure to tech enthusiasts within and outside Nepal.
  • Sessions to boost up presentation skills, leadership skills, teamwork efficiency.

Fellowship Details: 

  • In-depth training of UI/UX, Front end and Backend, development.
  • Starting Date: March 2nd, 2020
  • Duration: 6 months, 3 months Intense training, 3 months project-based Internship 
  • Time: 10 am to 5 pm, Monday- Friday
  • Who can apply: Hardworking female enthusiast looking for career in web development. Seniors, recent graduates, undergraduate students from IT, Engineering or related courses. 

Apply now:

Application deadline: 15th February 2020



Why code like her?

Increasingly, the face of global poverty is a female one.  It is the girl who cannot read and the mother who cannot write her own name.  But the face of hope is also female. It is the young woman who teaches her sister how to write her name and the mother who sends her daughters to school.  Access to quality education is the best tool we have in the fight against global poverty.

By educating girls and women, they become more productive citizens, contribute more to the development of their communities and take their rightful place as equal members of society. An education empowers girls to become future leaders in their communities, serving as role models and mentors to others girls – this is one of the most powerful catalysts for positive social change we have.  A girls voice tells the real story – with the impact on their families and communities being a personal journey of discovery as varied as the girls we support. We believe that sustainability, positive change and durable solutions take time – we are patient.

Code Like Her is a national level fellowship targeted to broaden the tech opportunity for Nepalese girls. It is totally non-profit oriented and is executed solely to strengthen the confidence of tech enthusiast girls and motivate them to move forward in the tech industry. The program provides support for girls pursuing full-time graduate or recent postgraduate study in Nepal.The fellowship will be offered to only 12 eligible candidates. Preference is given to girls who show prior commitment to participate in all the trainings, workshops and bootcamps offered by the Code Rush.

Fellows will get the opportunity of coding bootcamp that combines lectures, workshops, projects, and more to help them master the practical skills—both technical and professional with proper placement in reputed IT companies of Nepal at the end.

Criteria for selection and application review

The application will be reviewed by the board of organizing committee along with the attached verification documents. Fellowship will be awarded based on the selection criteria outlined on this page. Fellowships are awarded based on a competitive basis according to the performance of the candidates in written test and interview.

  • Academic Qualifications

    Applicant should hold an academic degree (earned in Nepal or abroad) equivalent to Bachelors’ or showing current enrollment in Bachelors in IT or related fields.

  • Time Commitment

    Applicant’s commitment to the time of attaining all the training courses is a must.

  • Follow Calendar

    Applicant should follow proposed time schedule based on academic calendar provided.

  • Special Priority Areas

    Applicant from underrepresented area of Nepal will be given special priority as decided by the selection committee.

  • Deadline

    Application must be submitted before the deadline i.e. 13th Feb,2020.


To be eligible for the “Code Like Her” Fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold an academic degree (earned in Nepal or abroad) equivalent to Bachelors’ or    showing current enrollment in Bachelors in IT or related fields. 
  • Intend to devote herself full-time to the proposed academic plan during the fellowship year
  • Be able to logically think and have few coding experiences. Unless the applicant can verify that  she is capable to manage time and devote herself in the training and pass the written test and interview, she won’t further be processed for the fellowship. 
  • Candidate must provide the proof (transcripts/latest marksheet/enrolled document of University) clearly mentioning the name of accredited institution and her field of study on request.



On acceptance of fellowship, Code Rush will by default understand as acceptance of contract that includes following terms and condition:

*All the fellows are required to sign a contract as acceptance of the fellowship.

  • Coding Bootcamps
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  •  Projects
  • Travel cost, accommodation, or any kinds of personal expenses
  •  Required Electronic Gadgets, Laptops or anything as such

Frequently asked questions

You need not pay for anything, it is a fully funded scholarship.

We will be training the fellows right from the scratch. However, fellows should have basic level of problem solving capacity. Having the knowledge of any programming language will be an assest.

 You will be provided training from the scratch and hence you will have ample of saleable skills yourself in the market. However, we do provide the opportunities of internship and placements* if the candidates are capable and willing. Furthermore, presentation skills, networking, team working capacities , etc will be additional benefits.

Yes, you need to apply. Only the applicants who are accepted will be eligible to participate in Fellowship. Please find the link to apply:

We have the fellowship divided into two modules of 3 months each where time commitment is a must.  In case the fellow can’t give commitment or drop out in the middle, she won’t be eligible to participate any further activities of the fellowship.

The final deadline for the application is 15th February,2020. We have a limited amount of space, so hurry up! Apply soon.

Yes, As long as you will commit us the time, you surely can apply.

Placement will totally be based on merit basis. If the fellows will pass all the requirements of graduating the fellowship, she will be provided an opportunity to get placement in one of the reputed IT companies of Nepal.

  • Application Deadline : 15th February
  • Code Rush Pvt Ltd