The journey of Ashna Shakya as an intern at Code Rush

Hey, I am Ashna Shakya, a graduate in bachelor’s in information management. I am a girl who is always ready to learn something new and this internship is a perfect opportunity for me to grow. The internship program is all about learning and implementing the knowledge we have practically.  As an intern at code rush, I was exposed to the working environment, real-world problems that are happening in the company and how to face them.

Code Rush is a software company that aspires to generate technically sound girls through self-sustaining training programs. The internship program is for 3 months for digital marketing. During these 3 months, I can confidently say that I have explored a lot of aspects of digital marketing and how vast it really is. Simply put, digital marketing is marketing through the internet and is super important for the present world because the number of people using and depending on technology is increasing every day. I see scope in digital marketing since it is growing and involves many divisions such as social media marketing, content marketing, SEO building, email marketing, etc. In detail, digital marketing is a lot more than it seems.

The CEO of the code rush company is Ms. Astha Sharma. She is a very kind and passionate woman. I get inspired by her every day because of her hard work, dedication and the power of handling problems in the right way. I am delighted and motivated to work under her. She guided us on our every step while learning digital marketing. Her technique was by giving us small topics to learn each day and make notes. We have already acquired a lot of knowledge of digital marketing but the learning doesn’t end here. Along this journey, we also do entertaining activities like playing mini-games, going for lunches, exchanging gifts on occasions, etc. The working environment at the code rush is comfortable and friendly. People here share their ideas and opinions freely with each other to communicate openly.

Since I am a little introverted, it was hard for me to talk to others at first, but slowly and gradually I am attaining the confidence to talk and share my ideas. We have scrums and meetings every often in which we share our ideas and merge the best ones then take the decision to take a step forward. There are a total of two new interns, me and Srijana both at digital marketing. We are performing our tasks together and help each other if we have problems or get confused.

Code rush provides workshops and masterclasses to people. It has already conducted some programs such as “the algorithm is female” hackathon, WordPress classes, content marketing masterclass and many more to come. Our main task is to do digital marketing for those classes and make plans on what to do next. The target is to convey our messages to the right audience through digital platforms. Slowly and steadily code rush is getting recognition in the field of Information and technology. There are many people seeking opportunities but are not able to find them so reaching out to those people is the ultimate goal. 

Overall, the internship is superb and I love to work here as an intern. It feels like a code rush is a family and we are the members of that family.

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