WordPress class review by Ashna Shakya at Code Rush

I am Ashna Shakya, a graduate of Bachelor’s in Information Management (BIM). I always had an interest in creating new ideas and exploring things I didn’t know about. WordPress was something that I was eager to learn and use. I have been hearing WordPress for a long time now, many of my friends use it and it also seems pretty interesting. That is why I was more curious to know about website development through WordPress and decided to join the classes. WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool written in PHP. It is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. It is easy to use with the drag and drop feature and websites can be developed effortlessly with the help of available templates. We can create personal blogging websites, business websites, e-commerce websites, religious websites, job boards, Q&A websites, portfolio websites, etc.

I was an absolute beginner to WordPress. I was so excited when the WordPress class started. We initiated by learning the basics about WordPress such as plugins, themes, pages, posts, etc We used ocean wp theme and elementor plugin to make a simple webpage. Later we experimented and implemented different tools ourselves in our demo webpage. I customized the webpage according to my own desired design. Gradually as the classes ascended, we added more web pages to that webpage and developed a demo website with multiple pages. We learned about many tools and how WordPress is easier to use than other website development tools. The drag and drop feature in WordPress elementor was most helpful since we can just drag and drop what we need from the menu of elementor. There are many choices in elementor plugin from which we can choose what we like and implement on our website. We can also add animations and popups which helps the website look creative and fun to visit. 

Our final task after learning about designing a website with WordPress was to develop our own website using the tools we have learned in our classes. I personally made a portfolio of myself. In my portfolio I included my details, my work, my experiences, my interests, gallery of the work I have done and other various information about me. This portfolio helps to explain other details about me and what I do. Overall the classes were very productive, effective and fun. Our teacher Mr. Aavash Parajuli is a very friendly, kind and generous person, he helped us whenever we had troubles and help solve them. His teaching style is admirable.

Other students were also very enthusiastic to learn which made the environment favorable. We also got a chance to share our ideas and express those ideas through the website we created. My idea was a portfolio of myself whereas other’s ideas were e-commerce sites, business sites, websites about their own company, etc. there was a creation of many ideas and we got a chance to implement them with the help of the classes we took. Overall the classes were fruitful and I am able to make a website by using WordPress easily now. I would like to thank the code rush for providing the classes. The knowledge I gained from the classes will forever be beneficial I will keep practicing WordPress because the more I practice the more I will learn.

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