A guide to call to actions for Instagram posts (20+ CTA Examples for Instagram)


If you’re a social media handler, then you definitely know how tiresome it is to think of a perfect call to actions for Instagram posts, especially for Instagram. Writing a perfect call to action can directly impact your conversion rates. Using the correct call-to-action words on your Instagram posts will increase your profile exposure, drive sales, drive website visitors and increase brand awareness. 

What is a call to action button? 

Call to Action, CTA in short is a piece of content that encourages the audience to take action from your post, webpage, or advertisement. CTA helps drive a visitor, sales, and a variety of other actions depending on the content creator’s goal. 

Some common call to actions for Instagram posts examples are

  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Try for free
  • Get started
  • Get quote
  • Learn more
  • Read more
  • Join us
  • Donate 

CTAs like the above are short, catchy and meaningful. Using these types of powerful call to actions helps users take ann action. 

CTA Categories

There are many call to actions for Instagram posts categories. The categories differ according to your intentions, goals, about why you created the content. You can pick the one that is right for your Instagram business. Here are the categories that will make it easier for you to select the correct CTA for your business. Remember that all these CTAs are majorly focused forinstagram. 

  • For boosting likes
  • For increasing likes
  • For gaining extra saves
  • For increasing comments
  • Putting your shares and tags into overdrive

For boosting likes

If you want your Instagram post to flood with likes then these CTAs will definitely help you. Include the below-mentioned CTAs in your post, somewhere on the bottom or on the last page of your carousel. These CTAs are sweet, short, and lovable which will push people to like your Instagram posts. Following is the Call to Action to increase likes on your Instagram post. 

Call to actions for instagram

  • Double tap if you agree.
  • Double tap if you like this post!
  • Hit the heart if you like this post!
  • If you like this post-show us some love!
  • Can you show me some love by liking this post!

Increasing Sales

If you have a product or service and want to increase your sales then these CTAs might be perfect for you to include on your Instagram post. For this type of CTA, you need a link on your bio or you need to connect with the customer directly to send them links through (Direct messages)DMs. The below-mentioned Call to Action is focused on driving your sales. 

Call to actions for instagram

  • Hit the link in my bio to …
  • DM e to get exclusive access to our course.
  • Book your place by sending me a DM. 
  • Click the link in bio to get your…
  • Hit the link in the bio to be taken to your shop!

Gaining extra saves

As digital content creators, we focus on delivering valuable and meaningful content to our followers. We do this so that our page can be helpful to our audiences and t gain extra post saves. Saves helps us, content creators to realize that people love our content and it is helping them. You can choose your favorite CTA from the below-mentioned list to gain more saves and organic followers. 

Call to actions for instagram

  • Save this post for future reference 
  • Save it for later
  • Save this post to revisit at a later date 
  • Bookmark this post to come back later
  • Save this post & be inspired later. 

Increasing comments

Getting comments and shares on your posts signifies that people are engaging with the content you created. It shows that people are seeing your post and also engaging with it. It gives importance to both your Instagram page and post. Sometimes the comment may be bad and sometimes good, but try not to get negative comments as it results in a negative reputation of your brand. Create meaningful and unique content that people are obliged to comment on your page. 

  • Comment down your thoughts
  • Tell us your thoughts on this topic 
  • Give us your thoughts below
  • Comment a heart if you agree
  • Do you agree with this? Comment below
  • Which team are you on?

Boost your shares and tags

Content creators love it when their content is shared or tagged by others. This not just shows engagement to your post but also expands your post to a larger audience. Suppose your post is shared by 1 person, then a larger audience sees that post. Or if people tag other people on your post, then the tagged people converge to your post. This increases the visibility of your post among the viewers/audiences. These are some of the useful CTAs if you want to increase your post visibility. 

Call to actions for instagram

  • Tag a friend and get a chance to win
  • Mention/ Tag your business partner
  • Tag a friend who needs to see this post 
  • Mention a friend to share this knowledge
  • Celebrate this knowledge by tagging a friend who needs this 
  • Tag someone who needs help with this

Some more power words for you to use as CTA

  • Buy 
  • Get
  • Shop
  • Try Learn 
  • Build
  • Register
  • Click 
  • Discover 


Remember, when choosing the correct Call to Action button, it should be direct, short, give a clear purpose, and simple to follow. Also, try to include a relatable Call to Action button on wither your post or in captions while creating content. It helps to converse and attract new audiences to your Instagram page. We hope you have noted down your call to actions for Instagram posts, and saved some for future use. 


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