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Who We Are

Code Rush is a tech talent matchmaker that offers solutions around the most hard-hitting strategic talent acquisition challenges faced by the HR teams at leading tech firms. We help tech companies make data-driven HR decisions, accelerate recruitment processes, upgrade existing talent, and promote diversity in the workplace.

Code Rush enables visionary tech companies to transform their human resource capacity through innovative and scalable solutions like HR forecasting, customized recruitment, upskilling, reskilling, and placement programs.

What We Offer


Foresee is an innovative HR Forecasting process that guides your company to make strategic HR decisions for increased operational efficiency.

We enable your company to evaluate demand, determine skill requirements, and assess talent supply, in line with your business needs, upcoming projects, and growth plans. We limit the possibilities of lost productivity and shortages in talent.


RecruFit is a customized recruitment program tailored to fit your company's competency requirements, culture, and growth goals.

We blend skill development with globally recognized certifications to produce a capable human resource to fit your needs through a standardized process. We handpick, screen, and capacitate candidates of the highest caliber to ensure they are ready to deliver from day one.


TaLink is a placement program that extends your access to an immense pool of highly competent tech talent in the Code Rush ecosystem.

We take the time to understand your requirements and then recommend the right talent. Our talents are rigorously screened, taught a comprehensive skill-based curriculum, endorsed by expert mentors, and are ready to deliver from day one.


Revise is an upskilling and reskilling program that helps combat talent gaps in your company by upgrading your workforce with more advanced or new tech skills.

Improve employee satisfaction, increase retention rates, and boost your team’s career with Revise. We help you empower your team with the most in-demand tech skills, internationally recognized certifications, and new career paths.

Why Code Rush

Robust Talent Pipeline

We build a resilient talent pipeline. From formulating strategies to onboarding, and retention; we streamline the entire process for you.

Accelerated Recruitment and Onboarding

We get you fast-track access to the best tech talent through standardized and scalable means who will drive change within your organization.

Greater Employee Satisfaction

With us managing a dedicated talent pipeline to attract, onboard, and retain the best talent, we ensure you a happier and more productive team.

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