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Who We Are

Code Rush is a disruptive full-end tech career program that caters to the ever-changing ecosystem of tech talent. We enhance the competency of professionals through tailored skill development programs paired with certifications and help them find better job opportunities.

Code Rush fast-tracks career growth for professionals through upskilling and reskilling programs, customized placement services, and internationally-recognized certifications.

What We Offer


The tech industry is ever-evolving. Even if you’re highly trained and educated, the industry will keep changing and you will require constant adaptation. Revise is a tech upskilling and reskilling program designed carefully for training experienced professionals.

Our upskill program trains experienced tech professionals through tailored and targeted programs to fast-track their career growth. Our reskill program takes in industry professionals ready for a career switch into tech and turns them into high-performing tech talent.

Global Certifications

In the highly competitive IT job market where it is getting harder than ever for job candidates to impress employers, certifications are the best accreditations to your potential. Certifications differentiate you in a challenging job market and escalate your career advancement odds.

Code Rush offers specialized training for cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, networking, programming, database, operating systems, and cybersecurity across vendors - AWS, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and so on.


Whether you are looking for better opportunities, wanting to work in a new environment, or are ready to take on a new challenge, looking for a new job is a daunting task. At Code Rush, our professional placement services are customized to your unique needs and career goals.

ProPlacement is a placement program for professionals with a standardized process of assessment, market analysis, and collaborative search to seize the best job opportunities that fit your qualifications and fulfill your career goals.

Find better career opportunities with us.

Why Code Rush

Customized For You

Code Rush programs for professionals are customized to fit into your work-life dynamic. Our programs are designed with tailored processes and flexibility in mind.


We help you achieve your career goal as fast as possible. That is why every professional has a unique roadmap with tailored recommendations to fit your unique goals.

Impeccable Support System

Our entire team is built around your success. From day-to-day mentorship to career coaching and beyond, we support you at every step of your journey.

Your Support System


We foster a supportive peer-to-peer learning ecosystem in all our programs. You will learn with your peers and help each other's growth.


Interact with experienced industry mentors. They are always on hand, to help you learn better, answer your queries and supervise your progress.

Academic Success Officer

They are your go-to people, committed to helping you learn effectively and realize your potential throughout your Code Rush journey.

Career Coach

An HR professional in IT recruitment who shall guide you throughout the placement process to amplify your chances of getting the best offer.

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