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What is The Designer in Her

Code Rush is promoting diversity in graphic design roles through The Designer in Her: a fellowship program that empowers underprivileged Nepalese girls aspiring to kickstart their careers as Graphic Designers in partnership with 

The “The Designer in Her” project aligns with Sustainable Development Goal #5, as it seeks to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the design industry. The project’s rigorous training program enables young women to acquire technical skills in graphic design and also allows them to enhance their soft skills as part of their own personal development.

Designer in Her is a free-of-cost annual remote fellowship with one successful cohort - ‘20/21. The application for Designer in Her 2022 is opening soon. We encourage female undergraduate students from IT, engineering, or related fields to apply.

Past The Designer in Her Cohort

Training Module


  1. Introduction to Graphic Design
  2. Elements and Principle of Design
  3. Color Theory
  4. Print Vs Screen Design
  5. Vector Vs Raster Design
  6. Adobe Illustrator Vs Adobe Photoshop

This course is focused on the manipulation of digital images through image readiness, editing and image creation. You will learn how to create a new image, crop, transform, paint, enhance, retouch, resize and add artistic feel. Selection methods and working with layers are also dealt with in this course. 


  1. The Photoshop Screen
  2. Getting to know the Tools 
  3. Utilizing grids and rulers
  4. Zoom shortcuts and convenient navigation


  1. Why use Selections?
  2. Creating selections using Marquee tools
  3. The Magic Wand and Quick Selection tool
  4. The Lasso tools
  5. Selecting by color range
  6. Pen Tools
  7. Adding or Deleting from selections
  8. Saving and Loading selections
  9. When to use which Selections Tools

Working With Layers

  1. Multiple Layers creation and viewing
  2. Moving, scaling and rotating layers
  3. Linking & aligning Layers
  4. Merging, Flattening and Saving Layers
  5. Locking and protecting layers
  6. Layer groups
  7. Applying and editing type
  8. Converting shape and text layers
  9. Saving and flattening layered files

Merging Layers

    1. Applying transparency
    2. Fundamental modes of layer blending 
    3. Text and adjustment layers
    4. Special effects
    5. Drop shadows, glows and embossing
    6. Layer masks
    7. Clipping Masks
    8. Adjustment Layers

Operating With Text

    1. Text Layer Creation
    2. Basic Typography (Font Selections for Project)
    3. Text Paragraphs
    4. Adding Text Effects

Filters, Painting And Drawing

  1. Cloning Images
  2. Mixing and applying paint and fill colors
  3. Brush and Eyedropper tools
  4. Drawing shapes
  5. Creating vector shape layers
  6. Adding color fills, patterns and gradients

Files Saving

  1. File formats
  2. Right color mode selection
  3. Adjusting resolution and image size
  4. Canvas cropping and enlargement
  5. Printing and Optimizing Documents
  6. Color modes, resolution & image size 
  7. Printing from Photoshop and other Applications
  8. The Save for web command

This includes revisions in past designs and practical projects. 

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics program that enables the aspiring graphic designers to develop professional high quality print, type effects and web designs. The mentioned course has its main objective to guide trainees to produce good-looking, high quality graphics such as logos and advertisements with type and graphics. The trainees will create logos with professional look and feel, type effects and convert bitmaps to vector artworks by rightly using the colors, layers, gradients, fonts, and photos with illustrations and text effects.


  1. Custom workspace
  2. Control Palettes & menus
  3. Smartguides
  4. Rulers, guides, grids, snap to
  5. Outline & Preview modes
  6. Navigation & Scroll shortcuts
  7. How Illustrator Works
  8. Vectors v Bitmaps
  9. Text, Shapes & Color


  1. Using the shape tools
  2. Transforming tools
  3. Spoked wheel drawing
  4. Selecting, Copying and Moving
  5. Rotating, Skewing, Aligning, Grouping and Duplicating Objects
  6. Locking and Hiding
  7. Drawing Tools such as rectangle, ellipse, polygon, Star
  8. Fills and Colors
  9. Drawing curves
  10. Join commands

Shape Builder Tools/Pathfinder

  1. Unite
  2. Minus Front
  3. Intersect
  4. Exclude
  5. Divide
  6. Trim
  7. Merge
  8. Crop
  9. Outline
  10. Minus Back


  1. Importing & placing images
  2. Turning Bitmap into Vector
  3. Color
  4. Basic Colors & Stroke palette
  5. Types of Color; Color modes
  6. Gradient and Patterns
  7. Dragging color
  8. Understanding & using ‘stroke’ and ‘fill’ attributes
  9. Using Swatches
  10. Use the Paint Bucket tool


  1. Creating Text objects
  2. Artistic and Paragraph text
  3. Coloring and Filling text
  4. Adding ‘point’ type and ‘area’ type
  5. Add type to a vector path
  6. Create type outlines
  7. Linking Paragraphs
  8. Type Effects
  9. Placing Text Around Objects
  10. Find & replace & Spellcheck

Arranging And Aligning Objects

  1. Using ‘group’ and ‘duplicate’
  2. Layer objects hiding and locking
  3. Using ‘isolation mode’
  4. Using Align and Distribute
  5. Compound paths
  6. Clipping masks

Creating & Editing Paths

  1. Pen Tool
  2. Draw straight lines
  3. Draw continuous curves
  4. Shift (move) an anchor point or a line
  5. Converting an anchor point
  6. Add, adjust, delete points
  7. Bezier curves


  1. Object filling using a gradient
  2. Creation and modification of gradient 
  3. Use the Gradient tool 

Transforming Objects

  1. Rotate, Scale or shear
  2. Flip and slant
  3. The bounding box
  4. Use the Free Transform tool


  1. Creation and modification(Editing) of layers
  2. Create a sub layer
  3. Hide and Lock


  1. Crop Mark
  2. Distort
  3. Pathfinder
  4. Rasterize
  5. Stylize
  6. Wrap

Using Live Trace

  1. Automatically trace artwork
  2. Converting objects

This includes revisions in past designs and practical projects. 

Application Process

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Time: 14 hrs per week
  • Skill: Graphic Design
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 
  • Mode: Remote
  • Undergraduate students/recent graduates
  • Female Nepalese citizen
  • Ambitious career aspirations
  • Willingness to improve yourself
  • Commitment to attending all the sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any designing skills before the fellowship?

No, we will be training fellows from scratch. However, fellows should have a basic level of computer skills. We do not expect you to have used any graphic design tools but having a basic knowledge of using them will prove to be an advantage. 

How can I apply for the program?

Interested candidates can fill up a form for registration. However, the registration is closed for now. 

What do I get from this training?

You will be provided with basic to advanced level graphic design training. By the end of the fellowship, you will gain ample skills to increase your employability and help you achieve success in the industry.  Additionally, you will acquire networking and public speaking skills, and team collaboration skills.

Do I need to have any previous experience in graphic design?

No. The selection process will be entirely based on merit. If applicants meet all the requirements, which include written tests and interviews, they will be considered eligible for the fellowship. Past experience in graphic design is not at all compulsory.

What are your payment methods?

The entire The Designer in Her program is absolutely free. However, the selected fellows may have to deposit Rs. 2000 for assurance of course completion. 

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