Digital Marketing career prospects in Nepal

Digital Marketing in Nepal, greatly misunderstood for just posting Ads on Facebook is taking off a good pace. Now that people are realizing its need, it is in growing demand. But there are few things you need to take care of before jumping into a decision of taking it as a career.

People easily say it’s an easy job in digital marketing and everyone can pursue it as their career. Of Course, it’s true since you don’t need a graduation degree to be a digital marketer. It’s skill-based though some international colleges are offering certification courses and very recently one of the colleges in Nepal is offering a BBA in digital marketing degree. 

We have been asked many questions regarding this field by my juniors, who like us seem to be interested in tech but not in coding. ‘How hard is digital marketing? Do I need to be from a technical background to enter this field? How is the career perspective and will I get a job better in this field?” We commonly have been listening to these questions for a year now and hence planned to write something about it.

We have made it easy for you to list down your queries in the questions below. Please have a look and comment for any more questions you would like me to address. We have tried to put down everything we have learned in my journey as a digital marketer and research about its market in Nepal. 

1. I don’t belong to the tech field, can I still go for digital marketing?

Digital Marketing holds a wide variety of scopes and dimensions. You can go for social media marketing, SEO, SMM, content writing, and many more. As far as eligibility is concerned, no one asks for your degrees and certification levels. You can go for digital marketing if you are a Ph.D. holder or just a SEE pass or even if you have never been to school, it doesn’t matter at all. But the main question is how good will you be able to perform there.

If you are from a technical background, it will be easier for you to catch things. It’s not that the non-tech people can’t go for it, but they might find it a little difficult as the level goes on increasing. So, if you are from a non-tech background, you need to put in a little more effort. Since nothing is exactly impossible, your determination greatly determines in this part.

2. How difficult is it to get a job in digital marketing in Nepal?

In Nepal, Digital Marketing career is on a high rise. And of course, with the increase in demand, it is for sure that the market will have a high demand for digital marketers. Especially in our country, this field is yet to be realized and properly brought out in the market. 

However, after a few years, I see a very big competition in the market. Presently, the market isn’t saturated and you have a lot of corners you can explore here. It is the best idea to pursue a career in this field. 

3. Where can I take a course in digital marketing to acquire practical skills and knowledge?

You can take online courses from Lynda, Coursera, Udemy, Hubspot, Moz, and many more. In Nepal, few institutes like CodeRush, Elance Academy, Neosphere, TDM, etc. also provide the training on digital marketing. You can join any of them or study on your own. 

4. How is the market in Nepal?

The Digital Marketing Market in Nepal is on the rise. But currently, you can’t expect to pursue a high incentive job since this market is yet in the incubation period in our country. However, sticking to a job isn’t the only source of income in Digital Marketing. You can easily fill your pockets with freelancing or starting your own business. Proper use of the skills and knowledge will make you a millionaire within a year. 

5. What are the basic skills I need to have for a successful digital marketing career?

Few handy skills in graphics design, video editing, content writing, and copywriting will do a great job if you learn them. They are the unspoken requirements of digital marketing in our view. You will definitely love to have a good featured image, descriptive videos on the body with the proper language for your content. Finally, while selling your work, you will definitely need copywriting skills, So, get handy (you don’t need to be pro) in these parts. Trust me many people ignore this part but it helps a lot in your journey.

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