Free domain registration in Nepal | In just 6 easy steps

free domain registration in nepal


You must be wondering if free domain registration in Nepal is possible or not? It is absolutely possible and you don’t have to spend a single penny. In the tutorial below I will guide you about how you can apply for the free domain registration in Nepal. If you are wondering about what a domain name is, it’s a name you want to call your website with. Like you got a name too, right? Just the difference is, there can be many people having the same name but websites with same names aren’t allowed.

Like people have first names and last name, websites have them too. We call the last name of the website “Top Level Domain (TLD)”. Leaving besides the tech stuff, if you want your website to have a name but someone has already taken the name, you still have chances to name your websites with different TLD and same name. For example, &

The first names are the same but the later parts are different. You have to usually pay for getting a name to your website. But luckily, Nepal offers few domains for free. They are called country code top level domain (ccTLD). If you have heard of it before, it’s a domain name a country offers to its citizen which has .np in its suffix. So, brace yourself, we will teach you how to get one for yourself. 

Wait! If you are wondering that there are many people in our country with the same name and will the domain name for them be the same? As I had mentioned above, you can’t have the same domain name no matter what, hence, the domain name is provided on a first come first serve basis. Otherwise you will have to look for other alternative names. Therefore you might want to go through the end of this article to become the first one to register on your name. 

Who can apply for the free domains registration in Nepal?

If you are a citizen of Nepal and can prove to be so (of course you will need your citizenship card), you can apply to get the free domain. You can apply for the domain name for your personal website, or for your business as well. The domain names for different purposes are provided accordingly. For example, if you want a domain name for your educational institution, you get to apply at, and so on. Below I have mentioned all of them:

available top level domains for Free domain registration in Nepal

Step by step process to buy domain for free in Nepal

Below I have mentioned a step by step guide to have your domain name registered. Lets begin with the documents you will be needing first.

  1. Please have these documents ready before you start applying:

    1. If you are applying for personal use:

      • Any of the document that verifies you as citizen of Nepal which may include any one of the following: Nepalese citizenship, passport, driving or card or non-Resident- Nepalese ID Card or Nepalese resident visa for foreign nationals
      • A cover letter regarding why you are applying for the domain (I tried without submitting cover letter and just the citizenship and it worked, so you can keep it optional)
    2. If you are applying as local entities:

      • Submit the Certificate of registration of the company/firm/partnership/organization
      • Write a letter in the company’s letterhead with the signature of the authorized officer of the organization with valid stamp (This one is compulsory)
    3. If you are a foreign entity:

      • Submit the Certificate of registration of branch or liaison office or Certificate of the affiliation with social welfare council
      • Write a letter in the company’s letterhead with the signature of the authorized officer of the organization
    4. If you are a non-incorporated entity:

      • You should submit the PAN registration certificate
      • Write a letter in the company’s letterhead with the signature of the authorized officer of the organization
    5. If you are a local or foreign entity with business interest in Nepal:

      • Submit the Certificate of trademark registration in Nepal or the Official filing of the trademark application issued by the Department of Industry. This is to be supported with the actual trademark registration certificate within 3 years of domain registration.
      • write a letter in the company’s letterhead with the signature of the authorized officer of the organization

2. Getting started:

1. Login to the link below:

You will be provided with this dashboard:


Click on Register Here

2. Type the domain name you want to register for yourself. If it’s already registered by someone before you, you can’t register for that name. You will be displayed with the message as in the picture below:


So, think of an alternative name or add number, use last name at the beginning.
If the domain name is available, you will be shown this screen:

3. Now, click on “register now” right beside the “available” option as shown below:

You might be prompted to register an account if you haven’t created one already. Simply, put your email and password so that mercantile can contact you to that email in future. You need to remember this email and password to open the dashboard. 


You will be prompted by the given screen once you sign in successfully.


Click on the drop-down menu besides your name as shown in the figure below and click on the dashboard. Type the domain you are seeking for. And click on the register now.

4. You will be prompted to fill a form as shown below. Fill the required areas. In the name server region, you can simply copy and paste the example server names “,com” and “”. You can request to modify them later after you buy a hosting for yourself. I will cover this part in another tutorial. Following is a sample form:

5. Finally click on “save”. The request has been sent now. Make sure you upload the images in either “jpg” or “jpeg” format.


6. To verify the submission, click on the “Dashboard” on the right side, then click on “your account” and finally click on “domain status”. There you will see “requested” in the domain status. Wait for a few days until it turns to “active”.  The free domain registration process ends once you successfully activate your domain.


In this way you can apply for a free domain registration in Nepal. In case you have any confusion, you can ping anywhere to Code Rush. We will be more than happy to help you.

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