6 Easily explained graphic design step by step process

Graphic design step by step

When we look at graphic designing, people often have a misconception that one must be an artist or excellent at drawing but that is not true. 

In reality, you don’t have to be a pro at drawing or have a degree in design to be a graphic designer. What you must have is a creative mind, dedication, and willingness to practice. While designing, you become better as you practice. But once you’ve mastered the tools followed by the positive mindset as a designer then attractive designs pop up in your head without even thinking. I personally believe that anyone can learn it if they are really interested in and passionate about it. 

If you want to learn graphic design step by step then you’ve landed on the perfect blog. We’ve listed some steps you can take to design a mesmerizing graphic for any kind of purpose. 

  1. Learn design theories/basics
  2. Follow tutorials
  3. Take online courses
  4. Follow designers on social media
  5. Ask for help (feedbacks)
  6. Practice

1. Learn design terms/theories

graphic design step by step 1

Before you start anything about designing a graphic, you will first need to learn about the basics of design, designing guidelines, trends, and their terms and theories. Yes, I know it can be boring to learn about theories but trust me it will teach you standard design practice.

In theory, you start by learning the basics of color, typography, form, space, lines, texture, alignment, and scale. These are the basic and most essential aspects you need to know before designing. I put this step at the top because you need to keep these aspects in mind before designing. These may seem small details but they have a massive effect on your design. They help the design look clean and attractive. 

Also knowing basic terms will help you understand the practical tutorials more clearly. If you are confused in the first step then you can always check youtube tutorials and videos to learn. Also, there are books available about design theory you can read. If you have an interest in reading then have a look at online and offline books. 

2. Follow tutorials

graphic design step by step 2

As I have already mentioned earlier, youtube tutorials are the best way of learning. Video tutorials are a lifesaver. They show you graphic design step by step like which software to use, which tools to use, how to use those tools, and every other detail. You can start by searching for easy graphic designs on youtube or any other media. 

Try following the steps done in the video and try to yourself. It may not be good on the first try but it gets better as you practice. 

When I first started designing graphics, I used to go through random tutorial videos and try to copy it. It took me some time but that’s how I learned to use the tools.

If you are confused about which youtube channel to learn from then I have listed some of my favorite channels below. They provide helpful videos and are super effective.

Satori Graphics

Gareth David Studio

Spoon graphics

Will Paterson


Youtube has an endless amount of design tutorials you can go through. Learn from different videos, practice them yourself and you will excel at graphic designing. 

3. Take online courses

graphic design step by step 3

If you struggle to learn all by yourself or want more in-depth training, then online courses are a great way to go. Take regular classes and follow their instructions. Online purses help you boost your skills in designing plus you will also be certified if you complete them. There are a number of paid as well as free courses for graphic designing online. You can also take offline classes in institutions. 

There are various online institutions where they offer a broad variety of courses and various methods of teaching. I have listed some of the best online platforms where you can start learning graphic design step by step. 


Envato Tuts+



Hubspot Academy

4. Follow designers on social media (Top graphic designers on Instagram)

step 4

If you are unable to think or have any ideas of designs then take ideas from professionals. For creative and attractive ideas you can follow popular designers on social media. They can give you ideas, inspiration, and knowledge about designing. This does not mean you can cop exact same design as theirs. Take an idea from them to create your own unique design. This will reflect your originality and creativity. 

As for social media platforms, start with Instagram. There are a number of top graphic designers on Instagram. Not just personal accounts but design-based accounts on Instagram are also providing lots of valuable content these days.

In the past few months, I have learned lots of tricks and tips from Instagram.

Here are some accounts of the top graphic designers on Instagram which you can follow for further ideas and inspiration. 







You can also follow designers on other platforms like Dribble and Behance. These are some professional platforms where professional designers drop their designs.  

5. Approach professional designer

step 5

After you designed a graphic, you won’t know if it is good or bad unless you take the help of someone else. Your sole judgment won’t work, it’s always a better idea to ask for help from someone from your niche. Don’t shy away to approach them and ask for help. Ask others about your design and listen to feedback. Make necessary improvements according to the feedbacks and repeat the process until everyone is satisfied. If possible reach out to a professional designer and ask them about your design. They can give you more ideas about it as they already have lots of experience. I am sure they will be more than happy to help you. 

The process can be hectic sometimes when you get a lot of feedback. But remember you are doing this to improve your own work and shape yourself to become a professional.

In my early days, I used to design and send it to one of my seniors for feedback and she helped me improve a lot. She told me what I needed to work on and as I practiced, I can see my designs improving. 

6. Practice

step 6

Practice is the key here, the more you practice, the better you become. Learn to use the tools and practice them. You might make mistakes but those mistakes are like a ladder towards mastering the tools. Trial and error is the only way to learn how to use the tools, apply design philosophies, and develop your skills. You will need to give a lot of time to practicing as it is the only way to make your design better.

Try setting a challenge for yourself. That can be as simple as making one illustration design a week.


You can follow the above mentioned graphic design step by step tutorial and pursue your career in Graphic designing. But remember you will need immense dedication and interest in this field if you want to continue. Try it yourself and start with one step at a time. 

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