How social media algorithm works on different platforms? What are social media algorithms?

How social media algorithm works on different platforms? 

Social media algorithms are a process of sorting posts in a users’ news feed based on relevancy instead of publishing time and other means. 

By default, social media algorithms help deliver which content to show based on a user’s behavior. 

Have you been recommended to videos of your interest on youtube? This again is based on your individual behavior, digging into what you’ve watched in the past and what users like yourself are watching. Some elements such as categories, hashtags(#), and keywords play a major role in your newsfeed and recommendations. 

These social media algorithms are constantly changing and evolving to provide the best user experience possible. As marketers, we have to consistently adapt to the ever-changing social media algorithms.  This allows us to consistently experiment with marketing plans. 

Why do these algorithms exist?

how social media algorithm works

There are tons of content published per minute and millions of accounts followed by users. Algorithms do the homework of delivering what you want to see and weeds out content that is irrelevant to you. 

Also, it needs to be considered that social media is a business where various brands are trying to reach relevant audiences and gain revenue through marketing. This includes brands paying a certain fee to promote their brands through the algorithms in 

the social media platforms. 

There’s also the belief that social media algorithms exist to push brands to pay a premium for social ads. There is a belief that if brands can’t reach their audience organically, they’ll turn to ads.

With numerous users on these platforms, a need to create an algorithm and an order is a must. Depending on the platform you use, different social media platforms will give you different expectations. The algorithm dictates and determines how you rank in social media and content placement.

The evolving algorithms majorly focus on making the user experience better. This encourages social media users to post more relevant, high-quality, and engaging content with customers. 

How social media algorithm works on different platforms

How social media works on every platform is different. The social media algorithm changes frequently and no one exactly knows how it works. But based on various research, trials, and tests we do know the basic principles by which they work and help you to grow.


Based on the recent algorithm change, Facebook has set priorities for more engaging content. As Facebook is created to intensify the importance and viewership of local, family, and friendly posts, rather than business posts it is promoting more meaningful conversations, native videos and allowing meaningful customer engagement. 


Instagram’s algorithm works based on your interests and engagement rate. The main objective of Instagram is about showing as many people as much information in a day as possible.

However, Relevancy, Recency, and Resonance are the three essential factors that need to be considered based on which your post will be ranked on the audience’s feed.

Instagram focuses on every aspect of social media, from relevancy, connection,  engagement, content popularity, and encourages more comments, shares, likes, and further posting.


Pinterest uses the guided search method to collect data from your previous content interactions to encourage new links. For example, if you’ve previously viewed fitness tips, Pinterest is more likely to show you Fitness related content the next time you log in.

This technique is helpful in creating and experiencing a bonding between the platform and the user.


Linked In is a platform that encourages networking. Hence, the value of the content you put matters a lot. Linkedin uses algorithms based on connection and engagement, so strong and relevant content is the key to LinkedIn success.


Twitter is timely and Up to date. The Posts on Twitter are fresh and updated material ranks higher. The number of comments on a tweet influences a tweet’s rank.

How to decode social media algorithms

  • Ask questions to your audiences and encourage them to comment 
  • Tag other accounts in your posts
  • Track the right hashtags
  • Optimize your post publish timing to encourage engagement
  • Figure out your publishing frequency
  • Publish more video content across all networks
  • Craft your captions and hashtags
  • Experiment with different types of content
  • Use analytics to measure your social media performance

Take away

Depending on the platform and its priorities, Social media algorithms rank your posts and engage with the audience. However, The relevancy, timeliness, resonance, and value the content provides need to be considered to get ahead of the game and secure your spot in the audience’s Feed.

Moreover, this is also the game of trials & tests, research, and getting updated to the changing algorithm, and adapting to it, that allows you and your brand to reach the right audience on various social media platforms. Therefore in order to get to know how social media algorithm works, you have to stay updated with the internet.


  • Create Short Videos
  • Create Content Which Invites Interaction
  • Evoke Humor and Emotion


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