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What is RecruFit?

A tailored recruitment program which looks into your company's needs, requirements, and culture; enabling us to build a pool of potential candidates. We take the burden off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the company's growth.

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What do we do?

Apprenticeship Program

For Junior Positions

We conduct apprenticeship programs with a cohort of final-semester students, recent graduates, and professionals who are interested in a career switch.

Train to Hire Program

For Senior Positions

We conduct train-to-hire programs with a cohort of professionals in the industry who require upskilling or reskilling to tailor them according to your job requirements.

Why RecruFit?

It's Hassle-free!

We take the hassle out of recruiting for in-house internships and even senior positions by doing the research, sourcing, training, and managing the candidates so you can focus on your businesses.

It's Time Saving!

We offer a convenient alternative to the time-consuming process of researching, hiring, training, and managing potential candidates, ensuring the best results without additional resources or time investments.

It's Cost-effective!

We know how expensive finding candidates, screening them, conducting in-house internships and even trainings can be. We do it all for you exactly as you want, in a single package.

It's Customizable!

We're making them tailor-made for you!, so of course we'll give you control as to how you want them to be sourced, screened and trained to fit your requirements and culture. This includes skill development and certifications to ensure they are capable and meet international standards.

What is our Process?

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