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Customized Training: RecruFit

A tailored recruitment program which looks into your company's needs, requirements, and culture; enabling us to build a pool of potential candidates. We take the burden off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the company's growth.

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Signature Features

Ready-to-Deliver Positions

Individuals are groomed to seamlessly accommodate specialized demands and are ready to deliver from Day 1 of hire through apprenticeship programs.

Tailored Talent Pool

Nurtured through hands-on projects and simulations, our dynamic candidate pool is custom-fit to meet your organization's specific needs, ensuring you hire top talent aligned with market demands.

RecruFit's Industry Edge

It's Hassle-free!

We take the hassle out of recruiting for in-house internships and even senior positions by doing the research, sourcing, training, and managing the candidates so you can focus on your businesses.

It's Time Saving!

We offer a convenient alternative to the time-consuming process of researching, hiring, training, and managing potential candidates, ensuring the best results without additional resources or time investments.

It's Cost-effective!

We know how expensive finding candidates, screening them, conducting in-house internships and even trainings can be. We do it all for you exactly as you want, in a single package.

It's Customizable!

We're making them tailor-made for you!, so of course we'll give you control as to how you want them to be sourced, screened and trained to fit your requirements and culture.

Our Process

Custom Deliverables
Our process begins by collaborating closely with your company to understand your specific needs and requirements. We acquire detailed information about the technical, soft skills, and cultural attributes you are seeking in potential candidates.
Applicant Sourcing
Leveraging our extensive pipelines and platforms, we strategically target potential candidates whose qualifications, skills, and and other aspects align with your company's criteria.
Applicant Screening
Four-layer screening process to find suitable candiate. Resume Screening, Technical and Non-Technical Test to assess their cognitive abilities, communication skills, and other non-technical attributes. , followed by in-depth interview.
Learning and Development
Throughout the program, participants work on a variety of carefully curated projects that mirror the tasks and challenges commonly faced within your company's industry. The projects assigned during the training and development program are designed to simulate the actual work environment, enabling candidates to collaborate with their peers, manage deadlines, and address unexpected obstacles – all crucial skills in a professional setting.
We present you with a cohort of candidates who have successfully completed the training program. The cohort size is intentionally larger (2-3 times) than your required figure. You have the opportunity to review, interact with, and evaluate each candidate throughout the process.

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