Scope of Graphic designing in Nepal | 6 effective steps to design a graphic


Is there a scope of graphic designing in Nepal, has been a subject of concern for every designing enthusiast interested to pursue a career in graphic design. Fortunately, the concept of graphics design has existed for a long time without being noticed and the concept is ever-evolving in Nepal.  

What is graphic designing
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What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the process of creating visuals or graphics to represent valuable information. Simply put it is a visual form of communication. 

With the rise in social media and digital era, graphic designing is misunderstood to exist in digital form only. But Graphic design is a vast field than you could imagine. You may not notice it till date but we see the footprint of graphics everywhere and every day. 

Imagine a day in a city area, you can see hoarding boards, shopping boards, advertisement boards, bus stand boards, billboards, etc which delivers a message through different formats. You can also see people distributing booklets, pamphlets, banners in events, visiting cards, random stickers on the bus, menus on the restaurant, bus ticket, magazine covers, food covers even the random box of everything you buy, the examples could go on and on, But you have got the message. Graphics Designing is everywhere, you just have to see it through the designer’s perspective to identify it. 

There are some considerable guidelines for becoming a graphic designer. One must know color codes, typography, branding guidelines, and the tools necessary. A designer is not only responsible for using colors and tools, rather they should be able to create the content to deliver messages/information to the respective audience.

Evolution of  graphic designing

Before the digital era, designing was considered as drawing, painting, and sketching on notebooks. People were limited up to pen and paper with their own ideas. However, after the digital revolution, designers now have access to unlimited resources with digital technologies that have changed the world drastically.

In the earlier days, graphic designing started from designing newspapers, pamphlets, banners, etc.using old technology. But with the digital revolution, graphic designing has become much easier. In the modern era, people now use software like photoshop, illustrator, canva, XD etc to make attractive visuals for digital media. People can sketch, draw, paint and edit their visuals according to their own will using various software and devices There is numerous software online and offline from which one can easily make eye-catching designs in a short time. These tools have made the job much easier and efficient. 

In this modern era, there are digital devices and software. Using these advanced tools, any designer can create the most amazing graphics according to their own imagination. Using 3D software and image processing software anyone can develop mesmerizing art on their own devices. 

Myths and Facts of being a graphic designer 

A graphic designer is considered as a creative job that demands a lot of dedication and practice. There has been a misconception that only creative people interested in art and craft can be good designers. However, with the right kind of training, hard work, and persistence, anyone could become a good designer. Practice is the key here, the more you practice, the better you become. It needs immense concentration and skills. But once you’ve mastered the tools followed by the positive mindset as a designer then attractive designs pop up in your head without even thinking. 

You can excel in this career only if you are passionate about it. As designing is a tedious job, there can be clashes between the perspective of your, your client, and your audience. Your level of patience is tested every while. Not to scare the designer inside you, but it is recommended to enter the field with a positive attitude of learning and improving. 

Is there a demand for graphic designers?

Yes! With everyday digitization and ever-changing technology, more people are entering the digital world. Graphics are the key to which a business digitally reaches its customers. There are numerous businesses operating in the digital world and to achieve this goal graphic designer plays a major role.

Scope of Graphic designing in Nepal

In recent years designing has evolved extremely making it an income-generating profession and as a career. As the digital era progresses, the scope of Graphic designing in Nepal has grown tremendously. The need for graphical content is increasing day by day for various purposes. 

scope of graphic designing in nepal
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Especially after the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of having a digital presence is a must, both for the company and the individual. We have entered into the age where we will be judged by our digital presence rather than the physical appearance. Scaling your business, dealing with the clients, selling and product, interacting with the audience companies with a strong digital presence tend to stand out. 

Especially in Nepal, the use of digital media and platforms is expanding. Business owners use those media to reach their targeted audiences directly for which a noticeable graphic is required. Thus they seek a Graphic designer to design a visual that catches their customer’s attention. While designing, a designer doesn’t just simply design but also considers the warmth, trust, reliability, consistency, coolness, and voice of that business. Even employees have started to research about social media before applying for a company.

Graphic design is something that is needed everywhere. This profession is not likely to collapse. A career in graphic design is long-lasting and profitable. As a graphic designer, you can work for a company or become a freelancer. All you need to do is be creative and practice. If you want to pursue a career in graphic design then start learning from today. 

In reality, there are many businesses seeking professional graphic designers but the number of actual graphic designers in Nepal is very few. There is still a gap between the supply and demand side, so we can predict a great future for everyone aspiring to become a graphic designer. The scope of graphic designing in Nepal is still blooming and has a long way ahead.

How can I become a graphic designer? 

Anyone with a creative mind and the right tools can become a graphic designer. At first, it may be hard to learn the tool and their functions but after you master the tools, you can make captive designs in minimum time. Of course, there are guidelines one needs to consider while designing like color pallets, typography, alignments, etc. 

scope of graphic designing in nepal
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The main key to become a graphic designer is through practice and learning. Graphic design is really fun as you will be creating new art every time you design. 

There are various courses available both online and offline to help you learn graphic design, both paid and free. You can earn a professional certificate through those courses as well. But please remember, learning is a never-ending process. You have to keep yourself updated about the latest trend. You can also click here to teach your self-graphic designing.

We have broken down your learning curve into small steps that we could follow while learning design. 

6 simple steps in designing a graphic

  • Learn how to use software tools from tutorials
  • Collect samples, content, and materials needed to design (research)
  • Make a plan and layout in rough for the design
  • Design the actual design with the necessary tools and software
  • Have a mentor who understands the core concept of design and ask for feedback
  • Improvise the designs and work on feedback 
  • Continue the process until the final draft is ready. 


Graphic designing is a new concept and has a long way ahead. With a growing demand for creative graphics, the demand for graphic designers is ever-growing.  Concluding, no matter the situation, a Graphic designing career is here to stay. 

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