Top 9 essential skills a digital marketer should know

In today’s world, technology has become an essential part of every sector. It is continuously evolving, forcing businessmen and entrepreneurs to plunge themselves into digital marketing. Digital marketing is not just marketing, it is a necessity. It increases brand awareness, reaches targeted audiences which ultimately results in sales and profit. 

Digital marketing is not just about marketing but it is about communicating and understanding individuals and delivering them what they need in the best possible way. As a digital marketer, soft skills such as good communication, catching up with trends, curiosity to learn new things, and creative thinking are essential. However, planning, creating, implementing, and analyzing various digital marketing strategies and campaigns are the essential skills a digital marketer should know. 

A lot of business owners are not focusing on digital marketing which makes their business’s potential less than that of a company that uses digital marketing. It can be because they don’t know how to perform the marketing or they don’t know how to do it. 

Fortunately, digital marketing can be learned with determination, research, and hard work. However, there are some essential skills a digital marketer should know to move forward in digital marketing. Here we have listed some top skills that will help you become a successful digital marketer.

Top 9 essential skills a digital marketer should know

  1. SEO/SEM skills
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social media skills
  4. Email marketing
  5. Paid social media advertising
  6. Google adwords and PPC
  7. Basic designing skills
  8. Video marketing
  9. Data analytics

SEO/SEM skills

skills a digital marketer should know
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This is undoubtedly one of the important terms in digital marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. 

Sometimes even a well-written blog or content becomes useless if the right people don’t find it. SEO and SEM are simply strategies that lead the right content to the right people. SEO/SEM includes some tactics such as using relevant keywords, optimizing title, optimizing images, optimizing meta tags, etc that help converge more traffic to your website. With the right SEO, the blog/content ranks higher in search engines and thus converges more traffic. 

However, Google’s algorithm is constantly updating and upgrading which sets a challenge to digital marketers. A digital marketer should stay fully updated with the latest algorithms and all other factors that affect search engine ranking. 

Content marketing

Content Marketing
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Content is one of the crucial parts of digital marketing. A content marketer’s major responsibilities are to write various types of content for videos, social media, emails, newsletters, website content, e-books, blogs, and the list goes on. The written content however should be easily understandable, interesting and SEO- friendly.

While writing content, the marketer should use various tones and voices according to the brand they are writing for. Content is considered king as it determines what type of company they are. Content not only helps you build trust and connect with your target audience but also acts as fuel for your other marketing techniques.

Good content helps build relationships with customers, improves brand recognition, helps create custom content, lets one informed educate, and lets one call on influencers. 

Social Media Marketing/ skills

Social media marketing
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Social media platforms are most used and popular now than ever. The number of people using social media is increasing daily. As more people are switching to social media, digital marketers should take this as an opportunity and upgrade their social media skills and strategies. 

A digital marketer should know about social media platforms and use them to their advantage. A marketer should also be updated and upgrade their skills with time as new features are being added every day. Social media also provides detailed insights and have access to several insights such as likes, comments, shares, clicks, and other details. 

Email marketing

Email marketing seems like an old practice but they are still in use and a very good way to connect to your customers. It is crucial to build a healthy relationship with a brand to its customers. Emails help top connect to customers directly and emails are also very important than ever. 

A digital marketer should create and plan interesting email campaigns and strategies and implement them. Social media and email marketing are the ways where a brand can directly interact and connect with its customers and related people. 

Paid social media advertising

Paid Social marketing

Yes, social media helps you connect with customers both organically and in a paid way. Unfortunately, to grow organically, it is difficult to reach the targeted customers so people often use the paid approach as it gives more coverage. Paid social media advertising helps your brand reach the the targeted customers if done correctly. 

A digital marketer should learn to use paid advertising tools for social media. A marketer should properly understand how an ad works and make sure to use it effectively. Without a proper understanding, a marketer can fail to reach the targeted audience and end up spending more than they need to. 

Google AdWords and PPC

Adwords and PPC(Pay Per Click) helps businesses expand their reach, raise brand awareness and thus generate higher revenue. Google ads appear on Google’s searches and other Google tools. In google ads, users bid on a keyword and pay for the number of their click on their advertisements. 

Whereas PPC is a form of internet marketing where advertisers pay when their ads are clicked. 

These terms are one of the complicated terms in digital marketing. This is a professional skill as a marketer might have to research and take courses to run google AdWords and PPC. 

Basic design skills 

Basic Design skills
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In the digital world, all text is boring a well-designed visual is a must to attract and catch the audience’s attention. A proper graphic design helps to convey messages through attractive visuals. And for a marketer to make some designs, they do not need to be a professional graphic designer. Just a basic knowledge about designing is enough to design quality designs. With advanced online designing tools such as Canva, Figma, etc, photoshop/ illustrator is not necessary and makes designing a lot easier. 

The designs may not be professional but just by learning some design skills and tools to use, a marketer can also be a good designer. 

Video marketing

Video Marketing

In today’s world videos are an extremely powerful method to grab attention and convey messages. People are engaged more in videos than in photos or texts. Because of the popularity of videos, most social media have adopted video mechanisms. Due to the growing video engagements and demands, it is best if a digital marketer learns to do some video editing. 

Note that it is not necessary to be a professional at video editing as there are many online and offline video editing software available where you can create simple yet attractive videos. 

Data analytics

The digital marketing field is data-driven. There are various tools from which a marketer can track likes, comments, shares, engagements, insights, graphs, etc. these helps make data reports and analytics that help make precise decisions for a marketer. With the help of data analytics, marketers make more effective decisions. 

A digital marketer must understand data insights of the work they have done and decide a proper conclusion on what they should and shouldn’t do. 


The above are some of the important skills a digital marketer should know.  As the digital world progresses, it is important for a digital marketer to stay updated and learn trending skills. By learning the above skills, a digital marketer can stay on top of the game. 



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