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What is TaLink?

A Tech-Talent matchmaking program designed to find the type mid-to-senior positions you are targeting. Our goal is to completely remove the extensive period between finding and onboarding candidates for your company by taking on all the process ourselves.

What do we do?

Junior Roles

We identify your targeted criteria and start shortlisting the best fits from our pool. This pool consists of our recent apprenticeship program graduates and job seekers who have completed our basic and entry-level skill tests.

Mid to Senior Roles

We source experienced candidates for mid-to-senior roles that exactly fit your criteria by leveraging our alumni network, train-to-hire programs, and advanced-level skill tests. These tests are rigorously monitored for accuracy and have our stamp of approval.

Why TaLink?

Quality Recommendations!

We know our alumni the best; how they performed during our program, what they excel at and have insight from their designated career coaches. We connect you with Code Rush alumni whose skills and experiences perfectly align with your requirements.

It’s Time Saving!

We handle the time-consuming aspects of the hiring process, so that you don’t have to. We will take care of resume screenings, skill testing and the initial reviews along with proper rigorous reference checks allowing you to save time and resources and still find your best candidate.

Customized Talent!

We specialize in tailoring talent to your requirements. Our pool of talent is equipped with expert domain knowledge in addition to technical skills. We excel at providing customized talent services to leading tech firms in domains like finance, healthcare, and business.

It’s Cost-effective!

We understand that allocating resources and personnel to find candidates incurs both active and passive costs. Through TaLink, we cover the expensive legwork that drains budget and exerts the already limited human resource.

What is our Process?

Build your tech talent with us.

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