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Customized Training: TaLink

A Tech-Talent matchmaking program designed to find the type mid-to-senior positions you are targeting. Our goal is to completely remove the extensive period between finding and onboarding candidates for your company by taking on all the process ourselves.

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Signature Features

Market-Driven Solutions

Our rigorous assessment of market trends enables us to tailor resources precisely to industry demands, empowering you to make informed hiring decisions.

Projects and Simulations

Stress test and simulation environments allow candidates to gain a comprehensive understanding of a real working environment are meticulously designed.

TaLink's Industry Edge

Quality Recommendations!

We know our trainees the best; how they performed during our program, what they excel at and have insight from their designated career coaches. We connect their skills and experiences perfectly align with your requirements.

It’s Time Saving!

Let us handle the time-consuming aspects of hiring for you. We'll manage resume screenings, skill testing, initial reviews, and rigorous reference checks, saving you time and resources while ensuring you find the best candidate.

Customized Talent!

We specialize in tailoring talent to meet specific requirements through thorough need assessments. Our pool of experts offers both technical skills and domain knowledge, serving top tech firms in finance, healthcare, and business.

It’s Cost-effective!

We understand that allocating resources and personnel to find candidates incurs both active and passive costs. Through TaLink, we cover the expensive legwork that drains budget and exerts the already limited human resource.

Our Process

Need Assessment
Understand the hiring needs and extract the specific technical skills required from the industry. Prepare curriculum and plan for training delivery.
Pre-Screened Talent Pool
Leverage our extensive network, apprenticeship and resources to tap into a rigorously pre-screened talent pool. Candidates navigate a screening process, go through rigorous assessments of their technical skills, soft skills, and cultural alignment.
Learning and Development
Participants work on a variety of carefully curated projects that mirror the tasks and challenges commonly faced within your company's industry. Projects and simulations are designed to simulate the actual work environment to enable candidates to collaborate with their peers, manage deadlines, and address unexpected obstacles – all crucial skills in a professional setting.
Ready-to-Deploy Professionals
Equip candidates are primed for success, facilitating a smoother onboarding process and are prepared to swiftly integrate and commence making impactful contributions.

Build your tech talent with us.