The Algorithm is Female

The Algorithm is Female

The first female-centric hackathon in Nepal.


The Algorithm is Female

“The Algorithm is Female” is a leading global hackathon for women. The Algorithm is Female provides a weekend-long experience for tech-enthusiast such as developers, designers, and other techies, teaming up and creating new tech projects in 48 hours.

Code Rush organized the hackathon for the first time in Nepal in partnership with Hemper and Ironhack. The Hackathon winner won a scholarship grant to go to Barcelona, Spain for 6 months to attend Ironhack Bootcamp with all travel and accommodation costs covered.

The Algorithm is Female was implemented within the framework of education as an indispensable tool for social change. We followed the road map marked by the UN SDG #4, Quality Education, as the foundation of this mutual alliance.

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The Algorithm is Female

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Neha Khachhibhoya

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