Why JavaScript Is and Will Continue to Be the First Choice of Programmers?

JavaScript is the most popular programming language which is used to extend functionalities in web pages to enhance the user-friendly experience. It is a dynamic scripting language that operates with dynamic data types, operators, objects, and methods.

JavaScript has above 2 million opened pull request according to the report published by  GitHub’s Octoverse 2017, where a huge margin difference with other popular programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, PHP was noted. Github is a home to open source projects by 24 million users, written in 337 unique programing language in 67 million repositories.

Also, according to Stack Overflow Annual Survey of 2018, 69.8%of their 78,334 respondents developers use JavaScript. It is the most commonly used language for the sixth year in a row. Also, javascript-based technologies such as node.js, Angular, React tops the list of commonly used libraries, frameworks, and tools.

It’s almost impossible to find out the exact numbers of javascript developers around the planet still, we can find out what makes it so popular. Here are some advantages of Javascript.

  1.  Easy to set up :

    Any editor such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, etc, can be used to write programming code and any internet browser can be used to execute JavaScript codes without setting up any development environment. This gives developers the confidence that their code will work anywhere.

  1. Easy to learn : 

JavaScript is a high-level language, it comprises various syntax that is close to the English language. It uses DOM (Document Object  Model) that helps in providing sufficient pre-written functionality to different objects on pages that makes easier to develop a script.

  1. Versatility: 

    JavaScript performs well with other programming languages. It can be used in a huge variety of applications despite having a different file extension. JavaScript is written inside the scripts which can be written in other languages such as Perl and PHP.

JavaScript performs well with other programming languages. It can be used in a huge variety of applications regardless of the file extension. JavaScript can be written inside scripts written in other languages such as Perl and PHP.

  1. An Incredible Community:

 JavaScript community is ever growing in a very positive way. Due to the active community contributions, new exciting modules and techniques are released regularly. Having a huge open source community, it has been a great platform for an individual to seek help in case of any difficulty.

  1. Full Stack development:

     JavaScript has powerful front-end frameworks such as Jquery, Angular, React, Backbone, Ember, and others as well as node.js that provides runtime environment which allows JavaScript to run on the backend with high efficiency. 

A package manager for node.js commonly known as npm is the largest open-source libraries in the world. Node.js is the popular choice for many small startups to tech giants such as WordPress, Linkedin, Netflix have started using Node.js.

  1. Trending in IoT:

JavaScript being an extensible standard platform for communicating to a larger range of devices is popular even in the Internet of Things (IoT). There are IoT engines that provide APIs to JavaScript for better interaction with a microcontroller. There are many IoT javascript library which appears daily and is growing really fast. Johnny-five.io, Zetta.js, Cylon.js, node-red, Device.js are some of the JavaScript libraries famous among hardware engineers.

Also, with the adaptation of node.js in IoT, it is used for both the device and the server. Factors such as availability of lots of plugins, scalability, effective and secure communication, good at Input/output has enhanced node.js in IOT being a popular choice for many IoT companies.

In short, Javascript can be found everywhere doing everything in a very effective and easier way. It won’t be wrong to predict that the future of javascript is very bright.

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