WordPress class review by Srijana Bhusal at Code Rush

I am Srijana Bhusal, a girl wandering around to discover anything new that adds soul to life. I am passionate about uncovering new things and solving problems. I work at Code Rush in the position of digital marketing as an intern. I belong to the background of Engineering and recently graduated in Electronics and Communication from IOE Pulchowk Campus, however, my passion to discover something new led me to Code Rush. This is where I was offered a chance to join the training of WordPress which surprisingly came to be the best opportunity in my life. It changed my ways of doing and visualizing things and most necessarily helped me quench my thirst for learning new things each day. I wish I could steal some of the charm and energy of our mentor of the WordPress classes. It was such an overwhelming experience. I just wanted to jot Code Rush a note of thanks to saying how much I enjoyed the workshop. It was certainly more lively and engaging than I had hoped for. And would I recommend this session? Unequivocally – to any academic. 

As a complete beginner to WordPress, I found the workshop really fun and engaging and always looked forward to my WordPress classes. I was quite impressed by the energy and devotion of the mentor Mr. Aavash Parajuli, you could tell that he was truly passionate about what he does and that itself is captivating. After I took the training, I have been able to design my personal websites and also have taken some freelancing jobs related to WordPress through which I can easily make my pocket money. Although WordPress is one of the easiest tools we can use to make websites, I, however, would have never learned it so fast and so easily without the help of these training classes. The best part is that we are often ‘forced’ to undertake statutory training sessions that are completely useless and irrelevant to what we do. It was the most useful I’ve had in many years! Most interestingly, this was such an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session that I was able to put some of the techniques I’ve learned immediately into practice. What struck me most was how our mentor seemed to be aware of everything that was occurring in the room. He taught us right from scratch, like right from the evolutionary history of the internet to how WordPress evolved from just a blogging site to a tool to develop a website. The real benefit came where he managed to help us open up discussions of what everyone was thinking but no one was saying. He is really passionate about the subject and it reflected in the quality of teaching.

In a nutshell, the workshop was directed with real efficiency and yet, in the space of that relatively short time, I could learn so much in 15 hours than I could have ever learned myself. I know this doesn’t seem like much, but this was a great session. Thank you so much.                  

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