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Hi, We're Code Rush!

We sell positions not people.

Code Rush works as a gateway to the convergence of talent and opportunity. We create a seamless integration of talent into the tech landscape through tailored curation and skill cultivation.

Our firm belief is that the heart of any company, irrespective of its size, lies in its talent. Capable and right talent creates a foundation through which any organization thrives. Thus, we help organizations expand beyond traditional recruitment, we act as a strategic partner in shaping and sustaining a workforce. 

At Our Core


Creating the synergy of skills and mindsets that fits the exact requirements of an organization by aligning the right people and the right roles. Through our learning and development expertise, we identify people and contribute in their development via the deliverance of the right industry skills and knowledge.


Embracing our proven data-driven and customizable approach. By leveraging data analytics and industry insights, we drive decisions and combine industry insights to optimize the hiring journey. Training our meticulously screened talent pools through custom-created industry reflective projects and simulations.


With integration of both individuals and methodologies our product is the culmination of strategic talent placement, guided by refined processes. Providing real-time insights into the learning path of candidates, projects and experiences that they go through and can extract reports on their progress.

What We Offer

Customized Training: RecruFit

This is the era of tailored talent development, where each company requires talent that fits them directly. Code Rush introduces customized recruitment programs that seamlessly align with your company's DNA.

Trained Human Resources: TaLink

Hire from a dynamic pool of candidates who have completed comprehensive projects and gone through simulations crafted through an in-depth need assessment that dissects market demands delving into qualitative intricacies of job descriptions.


Skill-intensive professional development programs with a unique curriculum executed in partnership with leading tech companies. Such programs are suitable for graduating students, recent graduates, and professionals interested in a career switch.


Simulation and training program where you are guided through projects designed to holistically every function of the target role. This include stress tests for relevant industries to maneuver scenarios towards ideal solution identification.


Experience seamless placement services that connect exceptional tech talent with top workplaces in the industry. We collaborate with tech employers to comprehend their unique needs, to strategically place in relevant job openings.

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