Placement Program

Placement Program

Our placement services are suitable for job seekers who are looking for junior, mid, or senior-level roles in the tech industry.
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What is our Placement Program?

Code Rush placement service connects tech talent with the best employers in the tech industry to find the perfect role. We offer a comprehensive range of services from screening resumes to interview preparation, aiming to provide support to job seekers and help them secure the best position for them.


Why Become a Part of Code Rush talent ecosystem?

Access to the best opportunities

Code Rush is specialized in the tech talent industry. We have connections with the best names in the tech industry, providing you with access to job opportunities that may not be available through traditional job search methods.


Searching and applying for jobs can be time-consuming. Being a part of our talent ecosystem streamlines the process by matching candidates with appropriate job openings, potentially reducing the time it takes to find a suitable job.

Personalized job matching

We work closely with job seekers to identify your skills, preferences, and goals. This helps to ensure that you are matched with job opportunities that are a good fit for your skills and career aspirations.

Expert guidance

We do not only focus on placements but also on learning and development programs to fill the skill gaps of our talent. We can provide job seekers with valuable advice and guidance on their career paths, skill profiles, resume creation, and interview preparation.

Increased likelihood of success

Because we have a vested interest in successfully placing our talent, we are highly motivated to find the right job opportunities and to provide you with the tools and resources needed to succeed in your job search.

What is our Placement Process?

Build your tech talent with us.

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